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Welcome to Food from Flossie

I'm Flossie and this is my blog where I share my love and journeys with cooking with a few little stupid stories on the side.

For me an exciting day starts by going to a food market, hopefully a new one because that makes it even more adventurous. Then picking out a selection of local, fresh colourful goodies, by goodies I mean a rainbow of veggies. The I get home and twiddle my thumbs while my brain goes into an overly enthusiastic, creative overload thinking of what I feel like and what would be fun to cook for other people, because for me the whole buzz of cooking comes with having friends over to share it with.

My cooking has been an endless journey, through different countries and their cuisines. In the last 2 years I have lived in New York, Paris and all over France, and now I am based in Switzerland, not for the love of cheese fondue, but the skiing!

This year I started studying Nutrition which was sparked off by being diagnosed with a spastic colon, yes thats actually it's real name, at first I thought the doctor was being a little bit politically incorrect. This meant changing my diet and getting rid of all kinds of foods that I would normally eat. By studying I am learning something new every day and I now cook and eat a vegetarian, plant based, organic, whole foods diet as healthily as I can so I'm afraid you won't find any meaty, cheesy recipes here anymore...just hippy rainbows and butterflies!

Don't be shy to ask me any questions or give any feedback to me, I love to hear any comments and I will get back to you. Also I do freelance work all year, internationally so if you would like to hire me please get in contact.

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  1. Ah Flossie, that's so great, I love your recipes, right up my street as you can imagine! If you're ever in London let's catch up! xxxSybille