Sunday, 11 November 2012

Orzo salad with roasted pepper, parsley, orange and pine nuts

I made this salad lots over the summer, it is so fresh and colourful, I use that cute mini flower pasta most of the time because orzo can sometimes be hard to find. Great served along side a bbq.

serves 4

250g Orzo
2 red peppers
handful pine nuts toasted
2 oranges, segmented
small bunch parsley roughly chopped
olive oil
1 lemon zested
salt and pepper

Start by cutting your peppers in half and placing them on a foil covered tray, skin side up. Put them under the grill and cook until the skin becomes black all over. Transfer the peppers into a bowl and cover with cling film, this lets them steam a bit as they cool down.

Put a pan of water on and when it's boiled cook the orzo to packet instructions, then drain and run cold water over it until it's totally cool, leave in the sieve until all the water has gone, then transfer into a mixing bowl.

While the peppers are cooling segment your oranges and put in the bowl with the orzo, parsley and pine nuts.

Once the peppers are cool peel the skin off them and dice into small cubes. Mix everything together in the bowl with some really good olive oil, crunchy sea salt and pepper and the lemon zest and serve at room temperature.

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