Monday, 17 September 2012

Peach and prosciutto salad with basil oil and burrata

I should be sunbathing right now but unfortunately the Italian heavens have opened over the last two days of our trip and torrential rain has sent us off for long boozy lunches, not a bad place to be for eating lots but I feel like I might be rolling home after pasta and gelato overload, good thing bikinis are now packed!

We have been staying in Amalfi which is the most mental place ever for driving, not enough room for two cars and massive cliff drops into the sea. My sister managed to crash into an anchor arriving in style to meet my Dad for lunch who's surprise 60th birthday present was the trip, she sure made an impression and a massive dent in the car on day one.

The food has been tres bonne, loads of pasta, pizza and amazing gelato, incredible mozzarella and burrata with the tastiest sunshine filled tomatoes.

Here is a recipe for such a simple salad but totally delicious when you have the best ingredients, don't bother using a peach unless it's really ripe and spend as much as you can on good mozzarella, or if you can get hold of burrata from an italian deli then thats the absolute best thing ever!

serves 2

1 ripe peach or nectarine
4 thin slices of parma ham or prosciutto
1 Burrata or buffalo mozarella
small bunch basil
2 small handfuls rocket

To make the salad blitz half the basil with some olive oil and a little salt and pepper until its sludgy.
Slice the peach into 6 wedges and layer on the parma ham, rocket, tearing the mozzarella and spooning over the basil sludge and sprinkling on the rest of the basil leaves.
To serve season with pepper and a drizzle of good olive oil.

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  1. Simple yet totally delicious salad! Thanks for the share!