Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Rainbow Cake

I have been wanting to make this cake for AGES!! I saw it on a blog I follow called flourishing foodie and it looked like the funnest cake ever, so I made it for my friend Phil's surprise 30th birthday which we had at Santo an amazing fun mexican on Portabello.

It did take about a day making all six layers, I even had to go out and by an extra cake tin or it really would have taken forever. After about 4 bottles of food colouring...voila! Unfortunalely food colouring tastes grosse so licking the bowl almost made me barf. So to cover up all the E numbers I made a ginormous bowl of cream cheese frosting to spread between all the layers and all over which must have worked as everyone liked it, or maybe it was all the margaritas and tequilas numbing the taste buds.

The most scary part was once I finished it I had to drive it down the road to the restaurant, being quite an eratic blonde driver I was sure it was going to fly through the windscreen at some point, but I managed to keep it almost intact apart from a few thumb marks from grabbing at it around sharp corners. I arrived at the restaurant pretty amazed that I had managed it, picked it up on the tray I had it sitting on and it slid straight into my front leaving a massive splodge of icing on my jacket...with an passer by laughing at my iced boob.

To make it, use any sponge recipe you like and times in by about 3. Divide the mix into 6 small bowls and colour away, you want thin layers or the cake will be massive and one slice will destroy.
You can get food colouring from most supermarkets, and get the basic colours and you can mix to make the purple and orange layers.

For the frosting I used the Hummingbird cream cheese one and doubled it and it was the perfect amount.

300g icing sugar
50g unsalted butter, at room temperature
125g cream cheese, cold

Beat the icing sugar and butter together in either a freestanding mixing or electric hand whisk on a medium speed, big tip is to put a clean tea towel over the bowl as the icing sugar flies all over the kitchen, I sometimes use a drop of milk to help it come together too.

When it has come together add the cream cheese in one go and mix till completely incorporated.
Turn up the mixer to its fastest setting and beat the frosting for a good 5 minutes, this turns the icing much lighter, be careful not to overbeat though or it can become runny.

Now ice on top of each layer and create your stack, then ice around the sides. It's always good to use a palette knife and dip it in boiling water inbetween spreads to get a smooth result.

Decorate it however you like, I used smarties but any sprinkles would be fun although keeping it simple looks good since there is a disco waiting inside.