Monday, 24 October 2011

Food Markets

At the weekend I went to my first food market in New York called Union Square Greenmarket with my friend Rosie and her very sweet rescue puppy Crosby.

I saw all kinds of crazy looking vegetables that I didn't know existed, what looked like tiny watermelons were actually something that tasted like cucumber and some man popped a tomato out of a shell and told us it was a pineapple tasting tomato...well he was right, quite a bizarre concept but delicious in a sort of crazy Willy Wonker way.

Since it's apple season there were hundreds of boxes of every different kind and they sell apple cider everywhere too which you can get hot or cold, not to be confused with the english cider as it is sans alcohol. Millions of pumpkins and squashes everywhere you look especially since Halloween is this weekend and American's go nuts for it.

There has also been a pop up food market Madison Square eats for the last few weeks. I went one day with a friend in the afternoon which was a mistake as we had both eaten so had to return the night after to try some of the yummy food. Unfortunately we arrived just before closing and most things had run out but we still managed to get really good Pizza from the famous Roberta's in Brooklyn which had chili and honey oil on top which was weird but delicious and chili salt shrimp which was the spiciest thing ever!

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