Sunday, 18 September 2011

I ♥ Biarritz

I recently returned from a girls surf trip to Biarritz. I say surf trip but it was more of a food, wine, shopping, lying horizontally on beaches and perving on lots of incredible male surfers torsos trip.

We were six girls, and I think we scared the locals from our noisy behaviour talking loudly about all kinds of inappropriate subjects and drinking too much of the local Basque liquor Manzana, which they seem to just hand out and act surprised when one of you is spider pigging on the ceiling.

Biarritz is located in the Basque region next to Spain so the food has a massive Spanish influence with loads of tapas bars and Spanish meats, plenty of seafood and salt cod around the place as well as the famous spice piment d'espelette and the delicious Gâteau Basque.

We shopped in the market which is open everyday till 1pm to get all our food and cooked up a storm most evenings when we stayed in, however there are loads of really good restaurants and bars which we of course had to sample too.

We ate one night at La Tantina de Burgos which is a massive meat fest, they do enormous hunks of beef on the bone to share and huge racks of lamb. The beef is meant for two people to share but we had seen the size so got two between the six of us and still almost didn't finish, I am a total carnivore and the beef was incredible, once we had finally finished I thought I might start mooing. Thankfully as a little digestif they made us their house version of an Irish coffee which totally blew our heads off, followed by the local Manzana..then things began to get a little out of hand.

Most nights we managed to find ourselves in L'Artnoa a great little wine bar with a really good wine list and full of young, trendy, good looking Biarritzers. It just so happened that Antoine the owner was a total hottie so we would all dress up and go flick our hair by the bar.

Amazing two week holiday with probably the funniest group of girls, plans are already underway for our return next summer.

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