Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Mojito's, Markets and Movies

All kinds of fun going on in London this summer, on Friday night I met up with some friends on the river to check out Tom Aitkens summer terrace bar outside somerset house which was buzzing with people on the clear summery evening, drinking lots of delicious cocktails and less delicious shots that the barman was mixing for us. The riverside was packed with other stuff going on with pop up restaurants, bars and outdoor theatres all over the place.

On Saturday I discovered a great little farmers market just behind Notting Hill Gate which is so close to me that I am very angry with myself for not knowing about it before. It only had about 10 stalls but all filled with delicious produce, I got some yummy goats cheese from a man who just sold goats cheese with all sorts of different kinds, textures, rolled in lemon, ash, chilli and ones stuffed with figs, he even had photos of which goat it came from..extremely personal goats cheese shopping!

They also had lots of veg stalls with amazing varietys of chillis, tomatoes and peppers, home made pasta and all kinds of pestos and salsas...anyway as you probably gather from my little rant I was very excited to finally find it since i mainly do my shopping down Portabello which is market hell on a saturday if you manage to squeeze past all the Japanease tourists looking desperatlely for the blue door from Notting Hill.

That night I went with my sister and a bunch of her friends to see The Talented Mr Ripley at an outdoor screening in the gardens behind Westminster. It was one of those grey days where it would keep trying to rain and never quite get round to it, however it cleared up just in time for us to get there so we got set up and layed everything out and then suddenly the heavens opened, we got pretty wet with three of us huddling under an umbrella with as much stuff as we could save from the rain. On the bright side the film and setting were awesome and we had a very tasty picnic from the market...of course drunk with, whisky and soda!

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