Wednesday, 22 June 2011

France For Flossie

I decided that I would tick off some of my to do list this year and go live in Paris for a couple of months with the plan of hopefully becoming fluent in the language of love, and to learn how to make food the French way.

Well so far there is nothing lovely about the way I attempt to speak le French but I can now make croissants…C’est Bon!

I have been working at my uncle's restaurant Maceo over the last month learning all sorts of tricks and different styles of cooking in the kitchen. I have mainly worked in the pastry section as the puddings are the most fun to make and prettiest to present and also the hot section meant sweating next to the grills and ovens which I je detested.

Every Sunday me and my uncle go to the market for our weekly food shop and scope out which grocer has the best vegetables that day, at first i thought it was a silly way of shopping as it takes a long time and you have to go to all kinds of different stalls to get everything you need, however the difference in taste is amazing, I am now a market convert and the thought of going back to London supermarkets to shop is making me not want to go home, I'm definately thinking that a little move to France for a life of cheese and wine could be a good one!

These photos were taken in Maceo where I have been working for my uncle who runs two restaurants in Paris Maceo and Willi's Wine Bar

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